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I hope ah hope ah,aj 1 finally through the hot summer, autumn like return home bitch who came.
The four solar term of the rainy season, the heat and the beginning of autumn is damp partnership during the period, and the hot and humid. But it is the latter with summer heat evil gradually ebbed, leaving wet evil fight a lone battle. At this stage it is damp two demon infested, you must do a good job of clearing away heat and humidity.
Speaking of clearing away heat and humidity, there is a main and collateral channels is the “main force”, that is the bladder meridian. In the beginning of autumn season pass through bladder meridian, can eliminate the long-term accumulation in the body of the wet and heat. There are two ways, one is scraping; another is the “cradle” to enhance the enthusiasm of the bladder, with a “fishy pear soup”, they are clearing away heat, moisture, anti bacteria “the Three Musketeers”.
Modern science proves, Aj 1 for sale scrapping can expand capillaries, promote blood circulation, enhance the secretion of sweat, have the effect to get instant results in the treatment of hypertension, stroke, muscle pain and other symptoms. Often scraping, can be nourishing essence, relieve fatigue, enhance immunity.
So this time, you should take action to remove toxic heat, in anger, refreshing, comfortably through the hot summer, too good “scraping Qingre festival”. Here, fans, wish every friend can be far away from sub - health, the harvest of their own health fruit.
The beginning of autumn day when I was not idle, just got up in the morning, upstairs downstairs neighbors have to knock at the door.
With the floor of the Aunt Li first up the door. Door said: “fan Luo ah, help you mother shaving rash.”
Upstairs, downstairs Zhang Dashu aunt Wu also has come in.
“Fan Luo ah, we are looking at your blog to come. This is called the ‘first come, first served’. Today you have tired, we this old bones are waiting for you to scratch the poison.”
“Well, today we have a ‘scraping Festival’.”
I let the arm, a morning blew for seven or eight person. As Zhang Dashu is the last one, Jordans 1 shoes the door came the neighborhood Aunt Zhang’s voice: “Oh, you have got in front of me anymore”
She entered the room, saw so many people in the room, a little feel shy to say: “fan Luo, I know I have to scrape, our neighborhood gang eldest brother elder sister already ready, say to you this queue. Who knows you are so busy, we are also not laren. No, you have to teach me, I went back to their scraping.”
I am happy to say: “that’s fine, you want to learn, I am willing to teach. Don’t look at scraping the method of obscure, it is very useful in our daily life. A person to learn, the whole family will benefit, through main and collateral channels, detoxification, and anger, everything.”
I take a aunt went to lie on the couch and began explaining method Uncle Zhang.
“Scraping is actually very simple, in the home, you find a soup with small porcelain spoon can replace scraping plate, and then prepare a little olive oil can. jordans 1 One of the most commonly scraping part is the back spine on both sides, there is the thickest part of muscle. The bladder is downward, so the scraping is generally from top to bottom blowing. When you want to scrape, the entire back into three lower. Blow first segment, and then the middle and lower segments, each segment of both from the left up.”
“Well, put olive oil on the back, can play the role of lubrication. Then hold a spoon handle, the spoon to scrape by on the edge of the area, with strength repeatedly scraping it. General each line scraping 15 bought 20 times.” I took Zhang auntie back and forth gestures.
Zhang aunt’s learning ability is very strong jordans 1 for sale, only a little while, skilled technique. Finally, Zhang Dashu as a model, I let Aunt Zhang edge practice side hand, scraping the effect is very good.